Bayrol BayroShock Liquid - Hydrogen Peroxide - 5 litres - COLLECT IN STORE ONLY

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BayroShock Liquid for use in Swimming Pools treated with Active Oxygen products such as Bayrol Soft & Easy, or Aquablanc Combi Tablets.

Bayroshock is a highly concentrated liquid disinfectant which should be used periodically, in the same way that chlorinated pools are shock dosed, and can also be used if the pool water deteriorates or begins to turn green.

The standard shock dosage rate is 1 litre of BayroShock per 10,000 litres of Swimming Pool water (2,200 gallons).  In extreme cases, where algae growth is strong, or the pool has been neglected, it may be necessary to double that dose rate.

BayroShock is best added to the pool either in the evening or after bathing.  Care should be taken when adding Bayroshock to ensure no contact with your skin or clothing, as in its neat form, Bayroshock is corrosive.

Contains Hydrogen Peroxide.

Always read the instructions on the container prior to use.


From September 2nd 2014, the sale of this product is restricted, and is available only to people who carry an appropriate licence to purchase it.  This is government legislation applicable to products which can be used to manufacture explosives, known as explosive precursors.  

The legislation arose following an investigation into the London Bombings on 7th July 2005, in which bombs were manufactured from Hydrogen Peroxide purchased from a Hairdressing Wholesaler.  

Customers wishing to purchase this product must collect from us in store, and must present their licence on collection.  Purchasing this product without a licence is an offence.

You can read more on the subject, and the licence application process using the link below:


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