Fi-Clor Premium 5 Stabilised Chlorine Granules 5kg


Fi-Clor Premium 5 Granules are specially formulated to outperform standard chlorine granules, rapidly disinfecting water to kill potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms.

It contains an algaecide to tackle the problem of green water and a clarifier to keep your water crystal clear. Water balance is easier to control as the granules have little effect on pH and the product is stabilised to combat wasteful loss of sanitiser to sunlight, making it ideal for use in outdoor pools.

Manufactured to exacting standards, these high quality granules help improve the quality of your pool water, providing you with crystal clear, smooth and clean water for Swimming.

Product Features:

  • Multi-functional; contains algicide & water clarifier.
  • Kills water borne bacteria.
  • Helps prevent Algae.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Fast acting.
  • Inbuilt stabiliser to prevent wastage to sunlight - ideal for outdoor pools. 
  • Can be dosed directly into the pool.
A 90g dose is sufficient to treat up to 11,000 gallons of water.  Chlorine levels should be checked regularly, and more product added as and when required.

Please note that as this is a Stabilised product, they are not recommended for use with indoor Swimming Pools which aren't exposed to natural sunlight.  For those pools we recommend the Fi-Clor Superfast and Supercapsules.

Always read the instructions on the container prior to use.

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