Filter Sand 16/30 Grade (25kg Bag) - Collect in Store Only


25kg Filter Sand 16/30 Grade - Collect in Store Only.

16/30 standard grade filter media with a 4-5 year expected life cycle.  This in an industry standard filter media grade, suitable for use in all situations - supplied in 25kg bags.

The sand in your swimming pool filter needs to be changed every 4-5 years to ensure that filtration continues to operate effectively and efficiently.

The table below shows a selection of common filter types and sizes, and the amount of sand required for each - if you filter is not listed and you are unsure how much sand you require, please contact us on 01252 511292 and we will be happy to help you.

Filter Make / Type Filter Size Qty Sand Required
Atika Top Mount 19" 75kg (+25kg gravel)
Atika Top Mount 24" 150kg (+25kg gravel)
Atika Top Mount 30" 150kg (+25kg gravel)
Atika Side Mount 19" 50kg (+25kg gravel)
Atika Side Mount 24" 100kg (+50kg gravel)
Atika Side Mount 30" 200kg (+75kg gravel)
Lacron Side/Top Mount 16" 50kg
Lacron Side/Top Mount 18" 75kg
Lacron Side/Top Mount 24" 125kg
Lacron Side/Top Mount 30" 200kg
Vision Side/Top Mount 20" 90kg
Vision Side/Top Mount 24" 140kg
Vision Side/Top Mount 30" 210kg

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