Gold Horizons Spa Biofilm Destroyer - (10 x 20g Tablets)

Gold Horizons Spa Biofilm Destroyer - (10 x 20g Tablets)

Spa Biofilm Destroyer is an extremley effective biofilm remover, supplied in tablet form. Apply 1 x 20g tablet per 200- 1999 litres of spa water (domestic spas) prior to draining. each pack contains 10 x 20g tablets.

Warm hot tub water is the ideal breeding ground for bacterial growth. When bacteria forms in hot tubs it starts to attach itself to the pipework and surfaces within. This bacteria that forms on the surfaces and pipework is reffered to as Biofilm. Biofilm can be extremley resistant against chlorine, Gold Horizons Spa Biofilm Destroyer is a highly effective cleansing agent that penetrates the biofilm and helps remove bacteria.

Application Instructions:
  1. Remove and thoroughly clean cartridge filters before returning to service. 
  2. Ensure free chlorine and total bromine levels are within the recommended range of 3-5mg/l (ppm)
  3. Only use Gold Horizons Spa Biofilm Destroyer prior to draining down your hot tub.
  4. Caution: do not use hot tub during treatment.
  5. Remove any soft head rests that may be fitted
  6. Isolate any chlorine or bromine feeder prior to spa biofilm destroyer treatment.
  7. Refer to table on the container for the number of tablets required per treatment.
  8. Wear protective gloves and eye protection when handling product. Remove the required number of sachets from the sealed container. Cut open the sachet and carefully drop the tablet into the hot tub water with the pumps running. 
  9. Do not touch tablets or allow them to get wet prior to adding the hot tub water
  10. Leave the deep clean treatment for 60 minutes with the pumps running. After treatment, turn off the pumps and drain all the water to waste.
  11. Refill with fresh water and return hot tub to recommended chemical levels.

Note: Always read product instructions prior to use.

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