Gold Horizons Spa Shine 'n' Protect - 500ml

Gold Horizons Spa Shine 'n' Protect 500ml

Gold Horizons Spa Shine & Protect is a silicone based cleaner and conditioner that cleans, shines and protects acrylic vinyl and rubber surfaces. This product polishes and protects the surfaces from UV, moisture and harsh chemical degradation. Shine 'n' Protect is ideal for spa covers and acrylic surfaces.

Key Features:
  • Cleaner & Conditioner
  • Protects vinyl, acrylic and rubber
  • Convinient trigger spray
Application instructions:
  1. Spray spa GoldHorizons shine 'n' protect lightly on the surface to be treated and gently rub using a soft cloth or dry sponge.
  2. Avoid the use of abraisive wipes or scourers that may cause lasting surface damage.
  3. This product may be applied monthly, but as a minimum recomendation should be applied to surfaces on 'drain down' of hot tubs to reinforce the protection of the acrylic surface prior to refilling.

Note: Avoid use on windy days.
Always read product instructions before use.
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