PureFlow Filter Media - 320g Pack

New 320g Pack Size, one pack is equivalent to one 25kg bag of sand or glass media.

PureFlow is the lightweight alternative to other filter materials and ensures crystal clear water without silver ions, without chemical additives, and with no colouring.  It is pure.

PureFlow is suitable for use in all filter types, and offers amazing filtration ability.  It can filter particles as small as 0.5 microns, sand can only filter to 35-40 microns.  This means crystal clear swimming pool water, and less requirement for clarifiers and flocculents.  

PureFlow also offers significant energy savings.  As it backwashes more freely and quickly, less pool water is wasted during the backwash process, which means reduced water usage, reduced chemical wastage, and you don't have to re-heat so much fresh water.

PureFlow is extremely free flowing.  It will achieve better flow rates through the filter, with less back-pressure putting strain on seals and fittings, so potentially fewer breakdowns.  

How much PureFlow will I need?

We always recommend adding one bag of pea gravel into the bottom of your filter to protect the laterals in the bottom of the filter.  

One 320g pack of PureFlow is equivalent to one 25kg bag of sand or glass media.  So if your filter usually takes five bags of sand, you should use one bag of gravel (25kg) and four 320g packs of PureFlow.

PureFlow is also available in 1kg bulk packs (see related items below), which is equivalent to 80kgs of sand (just over three 25kg bags).  

If you don't know how much sand your filter requires, please contact us and we'll try to help.

Not sold on the benefits?  Read on....
  • No shedding of fibres, it remains in tact
  • Particle selectivity as low as 0.5 microns
  • Clear water with no need for flocculants
  • Low resistance means improved flow rates
  • Simple 320g pack size is equivalent to one bag of sand
  • Lightweight for easy transport and installation
  • Pureflow retains its shape and does not clump
  • Manufactured from pure fibres, not recycled
  • Easy disposal with normal household waste
  • Reduced time taken to change media
How to switch to PureFlow...
  1. Remove the filter lid and remove the existing media
  2. ​​​​​​​Add one bag of pea gravel to the filter to cover the laterals
  3. Add the required amount of PureFlow to the filter tank
  4. Close the filter tank
  5. Start the system on backwash, then rinse before resuming filtration.
Important Note:
As PureFlow is a very light material, it will rise within the filter during the backwash process.  If your filter is fitted with an open top spreader (as found on Lacron filters), we recommend covering the top spreader with a net or mesh to prevent the PureFlow from evacuating the filter during backwashing.  We ship all orders of PureFlow with a net kit just in case you require it.  For more advice on this please contact us.
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