PureFlow Filter Media - Fibre Based Lightweight Filter Media

Here at Pool Supplies, we have been championing the use of lightweight filter media products for a number of years.  PureFlow is the latest product (launched in 2016) which draws on these years of experience.

PureFlow is the lightweight alternative to other filter materials and ensures crystal clear water without silver ions, without chemical additives, and with no colouring.  It is pure.

PureFlow consists of three special fibres which are thermally bonded in layers.  These fibres vary in type and thickness and combine to deliver excellent filtration properties, with the ability to filter particles as small as 0.5 microns, compared with  30-40  microns particle size for sand.  It’s free flowing, so filter flow rates are improved with less restriction from the media.

It’s incredible light weight makes transporting PureFlow much easier than any other media type, 1kg of Pureflow is equivalent to 80kgs of sand.  PureFlow is easier to take to site, and it reduces the time taken to complete a media change.   

PureFlow is easy to dispose of, it can be bagged and placed in standard household waste bins.
Thanks to the fantastic filtration ability, PureFlow reduces the requirement for clarifiers, and as it backwashes more quickly, offers the customers savings through reduced water wastage, chemical consumption and heating.
Cleanly packaged, PureFlow looks the part in any showroom.  No more heavy sand pallets to store, and no more split sand bags. 

PureFlow is manufactured in Germany, from certified fibres and is free from chemical dyes and hazardous materials.

PureFlow is available in 500g and 1kg packs, 1kg being equivalent to 80kgs of sand.  To calculate how much you require, please refer to the table below:
Filter Type Usual Sand Requirement Pureflow Requirement
Above ground pool filter Up to 20kg 1x 500g pack will fill two filters
Small filter 17”-19” Approximately 75kg 1x 1kg pack
Standard 24” filter Approximately 125kg 1x 1kg pack and 1x 500g pack
Large 30” filter Approximately 200kg 2x 1kg packs and 1x 500g pack

Not sold on the benefits?  Read on....
  • No shedding of fibres, it remains in tact
  • Particle selectivity as low as 0.5 microns
  • Clear water with no need for flocculants
  • Low resistance means improved flow rates
  • 1kg of Pureflow is equivalent to 80kgs of sand
  • Lightweight for easy transport and installation
  • Pureflow retains its shape and does not clump
  • Filters can be shipped pre-loaded with media
  • Manufactured from pure fibres, not recycled
  • Easy disposal and environmentally friendly
  • Reduced time taken to change media
  • Infinite uses, in many industries...
How to switch to PureFlow...
  1. Remove the filter lid and remove the existing media
  2. Fill the filter tank with PureFlow
  3. Close the filter tank
  4. Start the system on backwash, then rinse before resuming filtration.
  5. For commercial systems or systems with larger pumps, we recommend covering the laterals with shingle prior to filling with Pureflow.
Important Note:
As PureFlow is a very light material, it will rise within the filter during the backwash process.  If your filter is fitted with an open top spreader (as found on Lacron filters), we recommend covering the top spreader with a net or mesh to prevent the PureFlow from evacuating the filter during backwashing.  For more advice on this please contact us.
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